Killer groupies: true love or pervert love?

This is my first try about writing an article in English language. So please, don’t be mean with me.

If I could have a nickel for every time I’ve seen a woman falling in love with a fascinating bandit into a movie, I guess I would be enough rich now to spend nickels buying DVDs of those movies (but I don’t have these nickels, so I watch them on streaming).

Cinema has drum into ourselves the idea of a fascinating and charming criminal, like Sean Connery in “Entrapment” or “Lupin”, and what about actors playing in “RocknRolla”, “The Snatch”, “Ocean’s 11”, “The Italian Job”?
I guess that lots of woman wish to be kidnapped from a man like these, and a lot of men wish to be kidnapped from Charlize Theron.
But in the real life, criminals are not like George Clooney or Gerard Butler, and there are men (and also some women)  committing murders and raping, and sometimes they have less problems than us to find a wife or a husband.


Most of you probably don’t know this man, but the dubious shape of that mustache and the bad quality of the photo will sure let you think he’s six feet under for some years.
Actually he’s been cremated (and his parents have had some problems to find someone who accepted to do it) in 1898.
He studied medicine, and his name was Theodore Henry Durrant. According to me this name sounds great for a serial killer, but he’s been renamed “The Demon of Belfry”.
As lot of other serial killers usually do, Mr. Durrant is been firstly a zoo sadistic: he cut birds troth to see blood covering their bodies. Potentially he could be a good surgeon.
Now I guess you can realize what Theodore did next, because if he “just” tortured pigeons he wouldn’t become a famous serial killer: in fact he murdered, mutilated and then raped dead bodies of two young girls.
The most extraordinary detail of this story is not Theodore’s sadism, but the fact that he have had a lot of female admirers during his trial! One of them, Rosalind Bowers, was married too, and you can imagine her husband’s reaction.
Rosalind used to give flowers to Durrant, I mean until he’s been hanged.


When I firstly red Richard Ramirez’s story, I instantly remember two movies, “Kill Bill” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning”. In fact Ramirez was born in a town called El Paso, Texas, and his mom didn’t have exactly a good job.
She has worked a lot in very closed contact with radiations and this is the reason why some people thought that Richard’s perversion came from his genetic code. I disagree: Richard’s brothers have had some behavioral disorders, instead he had a quiet character. He just was a vivacious kid, who wanted to be famous.
One of Ramirez teacher committed sexual abuse committed on him, and the bad influence of his cousin, Mike, a Vietnam veteran who also killed his wife, drive him to use drugs like marijuana and LSD,  commit robbery and rape and killed women.
Ramirez’s trial is been one of the longest and most complicated one into American legal history. Some numbers: 13 murders, 5 attempted murder, 11 rapes and 14 burglary and 100 and more witnesses.
The charged used to wear sunglasses during the trial and be derisive and cheeky; he also answered to questions talking about Satanism.  He’s finally been condemned to death.
From 1985, Doreen Lioy, a freelance journalist, has written about 75 passionated letters to Ramirez, who did her a marriage proposal in 1988. 8 years later they got married into the jail, and nowadays Doreen says that when Richard will be put to death, she will kill herself.

In 2005, Messick, director of San Quintino’s jail, told to San Francisco Chronicles that every day death row jail-bird receive love letters by women, sometimes handwritten and 20 pages long.
When Scott Peterson went into jail (exactly an hour after), he received a call by a woman who did a marriage proposal to him. Messick said that Richard Allen Davis (who killed the 12 years-old girl Polly Klas) received a huge number of love letters.

Some killer groupies just look for popularity, or want to support people that most of other people hate (these women usually are European, and come from Nations where Capital punishment is considered inhuman),  or they want to protect or save these men. There are also women who have been raped when they were young and have Stockholm syndrome, or they admire these men because they are not enough brave to kill someone, or be violent in general.
Women usually fall in love also because of killers’ charisma, in fact these men are able to manipulate people.

According to Messick, women killers are not as courted as men, but the American accused Amanda Knox has received 34 letters only during the first two weeks she has spent in jail.

Hybristophiliacs are people who are sexually aroused and attracted to people who have committed cruel, gruesome crimes such as murder and rape. It occurs more often in women than in men.
These women often live in a dysfunctional family context, and have a lot of sufferance on their back, as mostly serial killers have too: this is not true love, but according to me is a kind of empathic love.

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